"The Hidden Legacy"
Published as an eBook in November 2015 and in paperback in August 2016.

1966: A horrifying crime at a secondary school, with devastating consequences for all involved.
2008: A life-changing gift, if only the recipient can work out why . . .

Recently divorced and with two young children to raise, Ellen Sutherland is having to cope with more than her fair share of pressure, both professionally and in her personal life. When she learns that an elderly lady has left her a Cotswold cottage worth an amount of money that could turn her life around, there's just one problem - Ellen has never heard of anyone called Eudora Nash, has never been to that area in her life and is convinced this must be a mistake.

But when she and her friend Kate travel to the West Country in search of answers, it soon becomes apparent that they are not the only ones interested in the cottage, and before long Ellen is forced to ask herself just how badly she wants answers to some of the mysteries that have haunted her until now. Little does she imagine just how much she has to learn about her past . . .

What others had to say about 'The Hidden Legacy':

'An all-round fabulous read with beautifully rounded characters, a distressing but perfectly pitched back-story, and a brilliantly crafted plot that keeps you guessing to the eminently satisfying conclusion.'
– Lesley Allen, author of “The Lonely Life of Biddy Weir”

'The author writes confidently - guiding you all the way through to a hugely satisfying ending. I wanted for absolutely nothing when I finished this book - apart maybe from turning it right back to the beginning and starting all over again. A truly brilliant debut.'
– Rebecca Thornton, author of “The Exclusives”

'His characters are memorable and cleverly-drawn, and every time I thought I knew where the writer was heading he pulled the rug from under me. Also: I'm in awe of beautifully crafted writing. If this is Minett's first novel, I can't wait to see what he does next! Very highly recommended.'
– CJ Carver, author of “Spare Me The Truth”

'I enjoyed this novel immensely, so eager was I to find out what happened at the end, I felt as though the handbrake was pulled on sharply, as I skidded towards the conclusion; the entire story and atmospherics produced by the author have stayed with me since, a book I will never forget.'
– Gayle Curtis, author of “Too Close”

'Great story, very well told. If ever there was a book worth purchasing just on the strength of the first chapter alone, it's The Hidden Legacy, and the novel just gets better the further you get into it.'
– Chris Whitaker, author of “Tall Oaks”

The Hidden Legacy is the best kind of mystery novel, a cool and compelling story of secrets within secrets, all delivered to the page with a powerful sense of human need and frailty. It's a story that's hard to put down - and hard to forget.'
- Alison MacLeod, Booker-longlisted author of "Unexploded"

A thought provoking, subtle novel. Graham Minett explores with delicacy the aftershocks of this terrible event, not simply the media outrage at the time but the ongoing reverberations which span decades. The ending is tender and moving. I was left thinking about the crucial role played by simple human kindness in our lives; the devastation caused by its absence. Great stuff!
- Jane Rusbridge, author of "Rook"

The Hidden Legacy is an intriguing exploration of broken lives and unexpected redemption. An absorbing puzzle with an unexpected twist, this novel more than justifies the praise it has received.
- Kevin Sullivan, author of "The Longest Winter"

The Hidden Legacy is a gripping read, cleverly weaving multiple narratives and time frames to give a disturbing insight into a troubled childhood and its repercussions.
- Juliet West, author of "Before The Fall"

This is the sort of novel that makes you feel good about life. From a horrifying start, a gripping plot propels you through a story that is believable and heart-warming. Clever use of chopped-up time means the reveals are like in peeling each layer of an onion, and it gets better the further you delve in. A thumping good read that reminds me of some of best seller Robert Goddard's better novels.
- David Young, author of "Stasi Child"

'I was gripped from page one by Graham Minett's debut thriller. He approaches a tough subject with remarkable skill and sensitivity. I loved it.'
- Fleur Smithwick, author of "How To Make A Friend"

"Lie In Wait"
Published as an eBook in August 2016. The paperback edition  was published in March 2017.

Vividly imagined and ingeniously plotted, "Lie in Wait" is G J Minett's stunning follow-up to the best selling and acclaimed "The Hidden Legacy".

Owen Hall has always been different. A big man with an unusual fixation, one who prefers to put his trust in number patterns rather than in people, it's unsurprising that he'd draw the attention of a bully.

Or a murder investigation.

And, in the storm of emotions and accusations that erupts when a violent killing affects a small community, it soon becomes clear that a particularly clever murderer might just get away with it.

All they'd need is a likely suspect . . .

What people are saying about 'Lie In Wait':

'An exciting, twisty read that had me hooked from the first page . . . a brilliant summer read.'
- Lisa Hall, #1 Bestselling author of Between You and Me

'This is one incredibly clever novel.'
- Bibliomaniac

'A psychological thriller in the purest sense . . . Deeply satisfying.'
- Cleopatra Loves Books

'Deserves to be read in one sitting . . . His books are some of the best I've ever had the pleasure to read.'
- The Quiet Knitter